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Features of JCarnatic

The Quick Pickup Window
Quick Pickup Window ...

The following are some of the Features of JCarnatic.

  1. Simple to create / play Carnatic Music without the MIDI complexities.

  2. Takes Indian notation as input. For example, it is possible to enter "S R G M P D N SU" or "S , , R G , P , D , S , N , D , P , D P M G R S R S NL DL S , , ," and the computer will sing for you.

  3. Select your natural voice pitch (Sruthi) from the options available. JCarnatic will remember it and enables you to sing all lessons to your natural pitch.

  4. A large database of lessons - from "Sarali Swaram" to "Keerthanas" - available. Plus you can add your own compositions to the database.

  5. You may select from a list of Indian and Western instruments to play music.

  6. Save your compositions to either MIDI or Wave files (Wave files in the next version of JCarnatic). Of course, you may save them as text files which JCarnatic can open and play later.

  7. An easy to follow "Program Help Document". Covers all aspects including a simple primer on Carnatic Music, installation, and running the program.

The following are some of the Limitations of JCarnatic.

  1. JCarnatic can give you practice in your Carnatic Music learing. But can not substitute the requirement for a teacher.

  2. One must understand the limitations of the digital means, before using them effectively (refer to the Program Help document).

  3. "Gamakam" (microtone) notation used in the program requires further work. The next version (planned for January 2012) should show a major improvement in how microtonal music is processed and delivered.

  4. JCarnatic does not presently work on Linux operating sytstem. It may work on Apple McIntosh systems, but this has not been tested.

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